What our students have to say..
Krishna Raju, enrolled in SKTPDna, Bangalore (online)

hope workshop went awesome and i missed it "(....and i must say i have been a fool not takin designskillset classes before and u dont know how much i am enjoying i really love everypart of this program i am having super fun thnk u so much :))..anyways ur amazing and very inspiring work ....actually to be frank i was lookin for these kind of education in india and this is the best i can ever get i am jus loving this :))...hope to see you soon have fun
Prashant Rao, New Delhi, Enrolled in SKTPDnACL, prashantrao89@gmail.com (classroom)

I am a mechanical engineer and always wanted to be a designer. Somehow with opposition from my parents I went on to pursue my engineering. Well to my fortune, my engineering degree made me eligible for the gigantic IIT(Indian institute of technology) for Mdes course. I gave my CEED(common entrance exam for design) just to see whether my skills still existed after a long break in sketching after my high school. I got 546 all India Rank. Missed the cutoffs by just 2 marks. I did not even attempt NID (national institute of design) considering my current level. But 546 AIR was good enough to boost me to prepare for the next time. I started looking for Prismacolour pencils (generally used by designers) and found skillsupplies as sole sellers for prismacolour in INDIA. To my surprise the studio was in Bangalore where I was pursuing my engineering, and I guess the stars were with me,  studio was starting out their first batch for classroom training programme. I immediately enrolled myself for “fundamental sketching and marker course for product and automotive design-SKTPDnA”. The classes were far more than just interactive. The creative discussions were like a dream come true. I learned something more than just an “exam clearing coaching course”. My sketching improved and my confidence boosted. I decided to target CEED again and thought of also giving NID exam just to see if I had it. Well I gave both of them  and the results are in. I secured 76 ALL INDIA RANK in IIT-CEED. Yes, 76 in IIT! I even cleared the NID entrance exam for both automotive as well as product design. During my interviews and studio test I had a sense of maturity and many candidates were surprised to see my portfolio. Well, the final results are in. I am a student of NATIONAL INSTITUTE OF DESIGN for product design(only 15 students enrolled per year). I owe a debt of gratitude to sir which I can never repay. Thank you. For all the guys looking to seek a career in design?? Don’t waste time looking for NID coaching centres. This will the best decision u ever made in your life trust me.
Rahul Arora, New Delhi, enrolled in SKTPDnA (online)- this is what he has to say..

Sir was like a savior to me ......I used to draw small thumbnails everywhere in my copies, books .....I read somewhere practice
makes a man perfect.....I don’t agree to it completely.....practice do makes a man perfect....but only if proper guidance is provided side by
side....that is what "jumpstratcreative" does.....proper guidelines for sketching...
I always wanted to do automotive designing....and had been trying since I was in class 12th. But nothing was getting better. so i decided to stop
sketching as my sketches looked like sketches made by a 5 year old child......things were not getting any better with practice
I did a lot of googling and saw many video tutorials  tried to copy sketching shown in tutorial ....as the tutorial ended I was not that satisfied
because I had so many questions in my mind.......I was not able to figure out my mistakes so I kept on repeating them again and again so thing
remained same, but they ware supposed to get better after watching tutorials on car sketching!!!...then i bought some books on car drawing but
they were also not that beneficial honestly. they do help to increase theoretical knowledge but they don’t teach  the proper approach towards
sketching....I met many designers at auto expo, everybody just said "practice" but this is what I have been doing with no improvement!!. In all this
process I figured out one thing what was actually missing was a tutor who could actually point out my mistakes teach me various aspects related to
design like proper medium for sketching.....how to hold a pen...line thickness ..perspectives...how to carry out rendering etc....
so somehow I found what I have been looking for years "jumpstartcreative".. when I joined the course I realized, what was missing was the basic
foundation of sketching from the grassroots level which the course provided to me the old school way........after that i have never looked
back and has been able to explore my talents, my creativity, in a better way......"jumpstart" gave me the kick to put my efforts in right
direction and now this line "practice makes a man perfect" is what that i need to follow as I have got the guidance that I needed...so all those
people out there who are really passionate about design but r not able to do it properly should not waste a second and join "jumpstart"

(you can see my work in above and in case study and check how I have improved in last 4-5 months)
Davide L, Design student, Italy, enrolled in SKTPDnA (online)

" I started this sketching  course   and I can say that is a very  good course…..In this course, the exercises and the  keys concepts  are clear explained…. The main point of this course are : the feedback, the quality of the documentation, and the motivation that is always stimulated from the results, because you  increase your level every week. For  the success of this course is important the feedback, because  you receive precious consideration from professional instructors  that  give you the basis for to arrive at your personal goal.
I hope that my testimonial can be useful for all people that would like to know better about this course, and I’ve help you to remove every doubts
about the quality of the course …..
At the end, I think  that for a designer is very important to know to draw sketches,  because is the better method for to  generate  many  concepts ,
in less time than  other methods.
PRATIK T, Design aspirant, Pune, enrolled in SKTPDnA (online)

" HERE THE DESIGN BEGINS ........... "

I really love automotive design, so i was looking here and there for someone who will teach me techniques to draw. I used to visit "carbodydesign" site then one day i saw the advertisement of the jumpstart, i read everything over there and I liked it very much then decided to gofor it then, i found the section of "FEES"... You will go mad first........... BUT ONE THING LET ME CLEAR ALL OF YOU... THE FEES YOU
this is the fact that i came to know after joining the course....!!! The design team will help you a lot... !! The sketching starts from the basics... fromeven how to carry the pen and paper for sketching .... !! These type of skills is available nowhere,
I was very poor in my sketching ...... so rendering was far far dream... :-) but now whatever comes to my mind i can put it on my paper easily, and that's more important...... Here you will learn each and every concept of drawing and rendering.. :-)So suggesting all of you guys don't waste the time and just get started.....
:-) i am really thankful to the design team and instructors......... :-)

VIGNESH, enrolled in SKTPDnA- this is what he has to say..

Hi, There was a time I used to cry if someone could teach me draw product and automotive sketches and I would say this jumpstart website
came as a Saviour. The Sketching and Rendering concepts are very clearly explained and the feedback that I got after submission of each
assignment were so helpful in improving my skills. Starting completely blank I have improved my skills to draw any complex form in the right
perspective. I can say certainly that,I started gaining confidence in my sketching ability through the challenging exercises which I came across while doing the course. I am highly satisfied with the kind the knowledge I have gained and so I am very grateful to designskillset website for this training
material where many of the design aspirants/students (like me) would get hugely benefited, as it happened to me. :)
S. Manikanda Vignesh
more to come....